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Homework Help

Students of Karns City High School have a wide variety of homework help/tutoring opportunities available to help them be successful.  

Study Hall for Grades 7-12th

  • Students are chosen based on their presence on the ineligibility list.  They work with a teacher during their study hall to complete their work.

Homeroom Homework Help for Grades 9-12

  • This program targets 9-12th grade students who are currently failing 2 or more core subjects. Students are selected from the weekly ineligibility list and required to report to LGI to work with a teacher to complete their work.
  • The students may not attend clubs or activities during homeroom activity period until they are off the list or only failing one subject.

Wheel Course:  For 7th and 8th Grade Students

  • 7th and 8th grade students who are failing 2 or more subjects will be pulled from their wheel course for the 9 weeks and will work with a teacher to complete their work.  
  • Students will be chosen based on their grades during the 8th week of the 9 weeks.

After School Homework Help - This is currently being planned.

  • This program is available for ALL students.  The students can stay on an as needed basis Monday through Thursday from 2:40 to 4 PM.  
  • Students on the ineligibility list who are not receiving services during the day are greatly encouraged to attend.  Students are not required to stay the whole time, but must report by 2:40 and sign out upon leaving.
  • Transportation for this program will NOT be provided by the school.