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Balloons over Broadway

Sugarcreek Elementary students in grades K-6 celebrated their own version of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Based on the book "Balloons Over Broadway" by Melissa Sweet, students learned all about the history of Tony Sarg, the man behind the famous balloons. Students were then given the task of designing their own balloon for the parade.

To kick off the parade, members of the KC DrumLine Levi Sumney, Jada Polcynski, Arica Angert, Rachel Friel, Zander Kiser, Wyatt MacKrell and Delaney Hindman performed several drum cadences for the students. Senior High cheerleaders Cara Craig, Melanie Shuler, Caleigh Tack and Kiara Simpson lead the students in some cheers. 9th grader Chloe Fritch and 8th grader Charliese Roudybush each sang a solo. The high school students then led the parade with Sugarcreek Student Council members Cody Kiser and Sydney Martin. Each grade paraded their balloons through the halls. There was even a Harry Potter and a Gobble Up A Good Book reading float!