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Pancake Day

The Chicora fifth grade recently celebrated Pancake Day, inspired by the theme of their first Inspire Science module, which concentrated on matter, mixtures, and physical and chemical changes.

In class, Mrs. Kristen Fleeger has been teaching the students about how to create their own pancake recipe, complete with "mix-ins" and toppings. Students had complete control of their recipe and were able to pick everything that went into their mixture. With help from a few parent volunteers, the students also got to control when their pancake was flipped, which controlled the ending consistency of their chemical change.

Next up, students got to enjoy eating their very own pancakes. After they tested their work, the students had to complete a rating form, which helped them think about their mixtures, toppings and everything that went well in the project. They also had the opportunity to note what went well and what they would change to make things easier or better.

The fifth grade gave the activity a 5/5 rating! What a fun way to learn about mixtures and chemical change!

  • Chicora Elementary
  • Karns City Area School District