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PA School Code Requirements for Employees

Mandated Reporter Training

Act 126 requires that all school entities (a public school, charter school, cyber charter school, private school, nonpublic school, intermediate unit or area vocational-technical school) and independent contractors of school entities provide child abuse recognition and reporting training to all employees...who have direct contact with children.      (Note: If you have completed this training since January 1, 2015, we can accept your certificate of completion for this requirement. )

You can access the free, online mandated reporter course and follow these steps: 

  • Click the blue "Registration" link in the upper left hand corner
  • Follow steps to create user name and password
  • Complete course (you may stop and start the course as needed; it will save your progress)
  • Forward your certificate of completion to the District Office at Karns City Area School District, 1446 Kittanning Pike, Karns City, PA 16041

Health Exam Record and TB Test  

The Pennsylvania Public School Code Section 1418 requires that "teachers, janitors, cooks and other cafeterial help and all others employed at schools have a pre-employment medical examination, including a tuberculosis test. 

To complete the Health Exam/TB test requirement:

  • Print School Personnel Health Record Form
  • Complete sections I and IV (section II does not need to be completed).
  • Take form to your doctor to administer the physical examination, TB test, and complete sections III and V.
  • Forward your completed form to the District Office at Karns City Area School District, 1446 Kittanning Pike, Karns City, PA 16041

Employee Background Checks

Pennsylvania School Law (24 P.S. §1-111) requires that all applicants for employment in public and private schools, employees of independent contractors seeking business with public and private schools, and student teacher candidates undergo background checks if they will have direct contact with students. The following three background checks are required:

For information on how to obtain these clearances, please follow the instructions on our district's webpage for Clearance Information for Employees.


Arrest/Conviction Report Form

Act 24 of 2011 contains a number of significant changes to the Pennsylvania Public School Code that were designed to enhance the safety of school children.  Among the changes, Act 24 amends Section 111 of the School Code.


Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure

As of December 22, 2014, a school entity or an independent contractor may not hire any applicant for a position in which the employee will have direct contact with children until the school entity has complied with the employment history review process delineated in Act 168 of 2014 (24 P.S. § 1-111.1).