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Chicora Elementary Project

Construction Updates

Eackles Construction will provide the community with updates at Karns City School Board meetings throughout the year. The updates will be posted here. 

Eckles Construction Services - December 7, 2023 Update

Eckles Construction Services - November 13, 2023 Update

Eckles Construction Services - October 9, 2023 Update

Eckles Construction Services - September 11, 2023 Update

Eckles Construction Services - August 14, 2023 Update

Eckles Construction Services - July 17, 2023 Update

Pre-Bid Meeting

The Chicora Elementary School Pre-Bid Meeting was held on December 7, 2022.
View the Pre-Bid Meeting Presentation.

Chicora Rebid Document 

Act 34 Public Hearing

April Please take notice that a public hearing will be held in the LGI at the Karns City Area High School located at 1446 Kittanning Pike, Karns City, PA on February 23, 2023 for the additions and renovations to Chicora Elementary School, starting at 6:00 p.m.  The purpose of the hearing is to inform the public about the difference between the estimated Project costs for the Project and the actual costs of the Project following receipt of bids.

An explanation of all direct project building costs, including Project Accounting based on bids, detailed Structure Costs, Maximum Building Construction Cost and the requirement for a Second Public Hearing will be presented at this public hearing, and, beginning Monday, January 30, 2023 a description booklet for the Project will be available during business hours at the Karns City Area School District Administration Office located at 1446 Kittanning Pike, Karns City, PA 16041.

The first Act 34 hearing for this Project was held at the Cafeteria of the Gymnasium at the Chicora Elementary School located at 205 Kittanning Street, Chicora, PA on April 8, 2021 at 7 pm.

The maximum project cost and maximum building construction cost in connection with the Project have increased to the following amounts based upon receipt of bids:


Maximum Project Cost -- $30,112,435

Act 34 Maximum Building Construction Cost --  $12,633,877
(Structure Cost, Design Fees, Movable Fixtures and Equipment, LESS Site Costs)              

Other Project Costs -- $17,478,558
(Site Costs and remaining Project ‘Soft’ Costs)


This public hearing is being held pursuant to the requirements of the Pennsylvania Public School Code of 1949, approved March 10, 1949, as amended and supplemented, including amendments made pursuant to Act 34 of the session of 1973 of the General Assembly.

Any and all interested parties are invited to attend and be heard at the public hearings.  Interested parties that want to be placed on the public hearing agenda or wish to submit written testimony, or both, may submit their names and/or written testimony to the attention of the School Board Secretary, at the District Office (address listed above) by 12:00 noon on Friday, February 17, 2023.  All testimony will be limited to five minutes per speaker.  Additional testimony will be received from the floor at the hearing, by sign-in sheet.  A meeting of the Board of School Directors will be held immediately after the Public Hearing to consider awarding the contract for the Project.

Second Act 34 Hearing Presentation