• 8th Grade Earth Science - 2nd Quarter

    Thank your for a great 1st Quarter.  It's wonderful to meet you all.  Continue to participate in class and ask questions.  


    Wednesday, October 30 - Fact 2.  Students diagrammed the rock cycle on the back of notebook page 1.  Reminder:  Chapter 3 Test tomorrow - minerals.   Additionally, there is an afternoon assembly schedule for a scavenger hunt.  Please download the Goosechase app.  

    Thursday, October 31 - Happy Halloween.... Activity Schedule for Goosechase Scavener Hunt.    Students took the chapter 3 test on minerals.  After the test, students were to read section 4-1 in their book discussing the Rock cycle in which we discussed and diagrammed yesterday.  HW: if not done so in class - read pages 90-93; section 4-1.  

    Friday, November 1 - Fact 3.  Students reviewed the rock cycle and then identified some candy bars as if they were rocks.  Students then answered questions about the rock cycle and PA rocks using notebook page 1.  Students submitted this assignment upon completion.  After, students read section 4-1 if they did not do so yesterday.   HW: complete today's activity and reading at home if not done in class.    Reminder:  Clocks turn back on Saturday!      Go Gremlins!

    Monday, November 4 - Fact 4.  Students discussed section 4-2 on igneous rocks and a powerpoint was used to highlight the key points.  Students obtained seven different igneous rocks and used clues to infer how it formed and they type of magma that it formed from.  Students examined these rocks and filled in their table.  (tomorrow we will analyze together.)  HW: none

    Tuesday, November 5 - Fact 5.  Students reviewed vocabulary associated with igneous rock and watched a short video clip.  Next, students finished the analysis of the igneous rock lab while provided with explanations of the question.  The lab was collected.  Next, we examined metamorphic rock and began discussing some key facts about metamorphic rock.  Students wrote down 5 of the 10 facts today.  HW: none

    Wednesday, November 6 - Fact 6.  Students finished writing five more metamorphic facts and then watched a short video reviewing metamorphic rock.  Next, students began drawing different rocks that transform into metamorphic rock.  Students worked on the lab throughout class.  If students did not finish, they need to see me in activity period so they can use the rocks for their art work.  HW: if finished - none; if not, see me in activity period

    Thursday, November 7 - Fact 7.  Metamorphic Rock Art was collected. Today, students covered section 4-4 on Sedimentary Rock.  Characteristics, formations, and examples were provided via powerpoint.  Any absent student should read section 4-4.  HW: true/false - 5 point homework assignment.

    Friday, November 8 - Fact 8.  Sedimentary Rock HW was checked for completion and answers provided.  Students were assigned "The Nature of Science" Study Islands to complete for the 9 weeks.   Due Dates are as follows:  Scientific Investigations & Lab Tools  due Nov. 15. /  Experimental Design &  Collecting Data  due  Nov. 27  /  Analysis, Interpret Dat & Systems & Patterns due Dec. 20 /  Models and Tech Design  &  Science and Society  due Jan. 10.    Each of these are worth 5 points with 7/10 on each assignment on time.  If submitted late, students will be awarded 2/5.     

    Monday, November 11 - Veteran's Day    (No School)

    Tuesday, November 12 - Fact 9.  Students were handed a study guide to complete for Thursday reviewing chapter 4 material on rocks.  Students should complete the front side tonight and the back side tomorrow night.  In class, students gathered into groups and answered questions regarding rocks.  They had a rock race.   Each rock  was then discussed for uses or general information.  The winning team received "rock" candy.    Ch. 4 Test is set for Friday.  

    Wednesday, November 13 - Fact 10.  Students worked on the study guide for a short period of time and then went on a rock tour around the United States learning about the different types of rocks and structures.    Reminder:  Study Island (2 of them) due Friday/Test - Friday/Study Guide due Thursday

       Rocks - Ch. 4 Key Points

    Thursday, November 14 - Fact 11.  Students submitted their chapter 4 review which was graded for completion and effort.  It was then returned to the student.  Students chose two destinations to travel to and researched information about that structure.  Students should have submitted these before leaving class, if not, students should use activity period tomorrow to finish.   Reminder:  study island - scientific investigations & lab tools due tomorrow/  chapter 4 test on rocks tomorrow

       Rocks Review Answers Rock Cycle Review Answers

    Friday, November 15 - Fact 12.  Students took the chapter 4 test on Rocks - open book/open note/open studyguide!   After the test, students could use the time to finish study island or their rock tour.   Enjoy your weekend.   Go Gremlins!

    Monday, November 18 - Fact 13.  Students reviewed the different forms of kinetic and potential energy.  This is needed to help understand chapter 5 on energy resources.  The different forms of kinetic energy touched upon were: electrical, radiant, thermal, motin, sound, and magnetic.  The potential energy forms were: chemical, elastic, nuclear, and gravitiational.  No specific homework tonight, however two more study islands are due in ten days:  Experimental Design & Collecting Data are due  Nov. 27.  (5 points each - 7 correct for a ribbon)  If your teenager needs help, please encourage him/her to see me in activity period to set up a good time to meet.

    Tuesday, November 19 - Fact 14.  Students walked through the demonstration of how coal is transformed into electricity from the powerplant as each student took on a role.  Next, students wrote the steps down on paper.  Together as a class, we completed the first ten questions on the back of notebook page 2.  HW: finish questions 11-20 and Analysis questions 1,2,3. - 5 pt homework assignment

    Wednesday, November 20 - Fact 15. Students reviewed how coal is converted into electricity from a lump of coal to electricity.  The back of notebook page 2 was checked and graded for completion.  Answers were provided.  Next, we read part of section 5-1 focusing on how coal, oil and natural gas form.   HW:  none  (study islands - experimental design and collecting data are due Wed. Nov. 27 -- They are 5 points each.)

    Thursday, November 21 - Fact 16.  Students discussed nonrenewable energy resources:  metals/ nuclear - fission vs fusion (Tokomak chamber) / and methane hydrates.  Videos were shown to help aid in their understanding.  Students added these vocabulary words to notebook pae 3 - nonrenewable resources.   HW: none (study islands due Wed. Nov. 27)

    Friday, November 22 - Fact 17.  Students finished filling in the vocabulary for notebook page 3 - nonrenewable resources.  During class, students worked with their partner and complete the vocabulary for section 5-1, a cross word puzzle.  Students would have received a stamp for this assignment.  If your student did not complete it, please submit ASAP for Tuesday.   Reminder:  study islands due Wednesday.

    Monday, November 25 - Fact 18.  Students watched the movie The Lorax.   The Lorax is considered a cautionary tale because it warns people of the dangers of deforestation and pollution to the environment.  However, the movie offers hope as a Truffala seed is left. with the word "unless."  If you plant the seed, care for it, and with some human effort, a new sapling will grow.   After the movie, students worked with their partner to complete analysis questions.   Anyone who missed the movie can type in The Lorax into youtube and the original version of the movie pops up (~25 min) or please see me in activity period.    HW: finish analysis questions    &  Study Island - Experimental Design and Collecting Data - due Wednesday Nov. 27

    Tuesday, November 26 - Fact 19.  Students submitted The Lorax worksheet - only if completed.  If not, please have it completed for tomorrow.  Reminder:  Complete the two study islands.  In class, students went mining for ore in a chocolate cookie.  Students examine the costs of purchasing the land, mining equipment, labor, and profit.  We completed the table together in class and will finish the analysis tomorrow.  

    Wednesday, November 27 - Fact 20.  Students corrected The Lorax worksheets and submitted.  Students also finished analyzing and answering the questions to the Cookie Mining Lab and these too were submitted.  We moved on and watched two videos from DNews regarding Renewable Energy Resources.      Happy Thanksgiving!  See You All Wednesday, December 4.

    Wednesday, December 4 - Welcome Back!  Fact 21.  Students went through section 5-2 regarding renewable energy resources.  Notebook page 4 front was completed and the back was either started or completed depending upon the class.   Students should check Tyler to be sure to submit missing work.  Two new study islands are assigned:  Analyzing, Interpretting Data and Systems & Patterns due on or before Dec. 20.  See me for help, if needed.

    Thursday, December 5 - Fact 22.  Students finished the vocabulary on the back of notebook page 4 regarding renewable energy resources if not done so yesterday.  Next, students watched a video on the sustainable city located in Dubai.  Following the video, as a class, we gathered data on soaking up solar rays lab.  Some classes finished the analysis questions while others did not get that far.  HW: study islands - Analyzing & Interpretting data and Systems & Pattersn due on or before Dec. 20.

    Friday, December 6 - Fact 23.  Students graphed the Solar Rays lab and submitted.  Upon submission, students received a ticket for the raffle.  Next, students began working on creating their own hypothetical sustainable city.  Sustainable city is due Tuesday.

    Monday, December 9 - Fact 24.  Students briefly discussed the Biosphere 2 found in Arizona.  Students were also suppposed to fill in another box in the Sustainable City Worksheet - due at the end of the period tomorrow.   In class, students read together page 144 called Black Gold and answered list 6 on their worksheet.  Students read section 5-3 on Mineral Resources and answered 10-12 questions only found on their highlighted list.    HW:  finish questions from 5-3 (only highlighted list) on the student's worksheet   ..... Chapter 5 test is planned for Friday!

    Tuesday, December 10 - Fact 25.  Students homework 5-3 mineral resource lists were checked for completion and answers gone over in class. (No answers for pd 4, 5)  Next, students watched a short video on oil production in Alaska.  Students then worked on their sustainable city and submitted.      I would like to ask all the Santa's out there that they might bring PENCILS to the stockings of the boys and girls on their list.     Many thanks!

    Wednesday, December 11 - Fact 26.  Students discussed why railroad tracks are sometimes burned from Science World.  Next, students went to several Energy Pit Stops of energy sources found in the United States.  Students then began collected some information on two of them.   Reminder:  Ch. 5 Test Friday

    Ch. 5 Key Points

    Thursday, December 12 - Fact 27.  Students finished the Energy Pit Stop Tour and submitted.  Students then worked with a partner to complete a chapter 5 study guide.  Students that didn't finish need to complete it for homework.  Tomorrow:  Test- chapter 5

    Ch. 5 Study Guide Answers

    Friday, December 13 - Fact 28.  Students took the chapter 5 test called energy resources.  After the test, students were to read a Science World Article called "Plastic or the Planet."