January 7-11

    Monday: Cardboard Sculpture and Relief
    Tuesday: Sketchbook Day - Pattern
    Wednesday:  Cardboard Sculpture and Relief,  Sketchbooks Due
    Thursday:  Cardboard Sculpture and Relief
    Friday:  Cardboard Sculpture and Relief
    *Plans subject to change to fit the needs of students and scheduling conflicts.   
    • Handouts and project descriptions that are available can be viewed on the link above.  Just click on the blue, underlined link that you see in "this week at a glance." 
    • Please see this link for the Art Course Syllabus:  Art Course Syllabus
    • Please see this link for the rubric used for grading projects, sketchbooks, and assignments: ART PROJECT AND ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC 
    • Please see this link for weekly participation rubric: PARTICIPATION RUBRIC 


    • Every TUESDAY in Art is "Sketchbook Work Day" unless otherwise stated.  DON"T FORGET YOUR SKETCHBOOK
    • Sketchbooks are always due on WEDNESDAYS, unless otherwise stated.  Two points will be docked for each day it is late, unless you have an excused absence.
    • Always do your best, stay productive!  Participation grades are given every week.  Points are docked for lack of effort and missing sketchbook/supplies.  
    KC is part of Artsonia, the world's largest online student art museum!  Details will be given to each student about the site including login information.  Every art student will upload images of artworks to the site.  It is free to use and each student's portfolio will be saved electronically forever!  You can view high school student work anytime by visiting http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=53620 .
    Galleries for Sugarcreek and Chicora Elementaries are also available.  It is optional to buy gifts from the site with artwork printed on them.  Custom phone cases, t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, and many other products are available.  20% of all purchases are donated back to the school to buy art supplies for our students. Thanks for you support!