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Karns City Area School District School Bus Transportation Procedures

To help ensure student safety, students must be assigned a consistent AM and PM bus and stop. In most cases this will be the same bus and stop in the morning and evening, although because of situations at home, the district will permit different AM and PM buses and stops.

If a parent requests a change because of their circumstances, the student must be assigned the same bus and stop for the entire week. Because of student safety issues and the number of students transported each day we can no longer honor requests as such one bus Monday‐Wednesday‐Friday drop‐off and different bus for Tuesday‐Thursday drop‐off. The same will hold true for your child’s morning pick‐up. Therefore, your child will only be assigned one (1) AM bus and stop and one (1) PM bus and stop for the week. It will be the parents’ responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for pick‐up or drop‐off from that location on the off days.

Consistency is the best practice when it comes to transporting a great number of students in a safe manner. Students will be assigned an AM and a PM bus and stop at the beginning of the year and requests for weekly changes in regular transportation must be submitted to the school on a note written and signed by the parent or guardian, delivered to the school by the parent or guardian, or sent with the student. The notes must be submitted at least one day prior to the week when the requested change is to take place. The notes must be given to the building principal or building secretary upon the student’s arrival at school. Notes should include a phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached to verify the change if necessary. Exceptions to the above procedure because of child care issues can be requested through the building principal on a case by case basis. The necessary forms can be obtained through the office of the school or by contacting the Transportation Office of the District.  

An emergency is the only time a phone call will be considered for any changes. You should be prepared to provide sufficient information so that we can be sure of the caller's identification. This information will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Student name
  • Grade level
  • Teacher’s name
  • Regular bus number
  • Address
  • Birth date
  • Social security number
  • Parent or Guardian's name.

Emergencies are one time occurrences such as a family death or illness. Remember, phone calls are for emergencies only and will not be accepted in non-emergency situations. 

Transportation Forms

Childcare and Alternative Yearly Schedule -- Afternoon

Request for Student Transportation

Alternate Stop Calendars

Please submit an alternate stop calendar for each month you are requesting an alternate stop for your child. 

August 2023 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

September 2023 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

October 2023 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

November 2023 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

December 2023 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

January 2024 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

February 2024 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

March 2024 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

April 2024 (Alternate Stop Calendar)

May 2024 (Alternate Stop Calendar)