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Karns City Area School District
Technology Department

At the Karns City Area School District, technology is an integral part of various curriculum areas. Students are introduced to computers and other technologies in kindergarten with programs that supplement math and reading lessons. Computer are available to all Karns City Area students (K-12) at a ratio of approximately one (1) computer per every one (1) student.

Overview of the One-to-One Program

The Karns City Area School District is proud to continue our goal of preparing our students for the 21st century. Each student will be lent a device (Chromebook) that will be theirs for the entire school year. Students in grades 3-12 will be able to take their device home with them from the start of the school year. 

Our K-2 students will receive their device (Chromebook) in their classroom. These devices will stay in the classroom unless directed to go home by the administration. 

By going one-to-one there are a few procedures that the parents/students need to be aware of.

  • Devices are the property of the Karns City Area School District.
  • Students need to charge the device at home. All devices have an 8-12 hour battery to last throughout the school day.
  • Devices are filtered 24/7 against inappropriate websites per CIPA(Children's Internet Protection Act) guidelines. Teachers have the ability to monitor student use throughout the day.
  • The KCASD AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) is in effect 24/7 when using the device.


To submit a trouble ticket, send an email to or call extension 4357 (HELP).

You can also submit a trouble ticket to our online portal by clicking here

Technology Department Contacts

Sean Edwards
Director of Technology

Michael Cichra
Application Analyst

Derrick Norris
Systems Administrator