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2020-2021 KCASD Charged Meal Procedure

First page of the PDF file: MealChargeandCollectionProcedures


Karns City Area School District 

Food Service Department 

Meal Charge and Collection Procedures 

Proactive Measures 

2. Correspondence regarding low and/or negative meal account balances may be 

∙ We encourage all parents/guardians regardless of income to complete a Free andReduced Price meal application. 

3. Weekly automated phone calls will go out to households with negative balances. 

∙ Provide access to Free and Reduced Price meal Program and provide assistance, whenneeded in completing the application. 

∙ Encourage parents/guardians to enroll in to set up notificationalerts and view account balances. 

Negative Balance Procedure 

Communication regarding a students meal debt must be directed to the parent/guardian, not to  the student, except as follows: 

low and/or negative meal account balances if the communications are made individuallyand discreetly; and 

communicated in the form of a notice or letter that is delivered by the student to his/her parent/guardian, so long as the letter is addressed to the student’s parents/guardians. 

The following steps will be followed to collect outstanding balances incurred by student charges: 

Step 1: When a student owes money for 5 or more meals. Elementary $12.25, Secondary  $13.25, an email will be sent to the parents/guardians that have an email address in the district  database. If no email is available, the following step will be taken: 

• In grades K-8, communication about a student's school meal debt will be directed only to the parent/guardian, never to the student. When the account has reached or exceeded 5 lunch charges ($12.25) communication will be sent home once a week with the student in  a sealed envelope marked “Confidential parent/GuardianOnly” This will be in addition to  the communication to the parent (Act 39 of 2018). 

• In grades 9-12 the students will be informed discretely by a Food Service employee at the point of service when their account is low as a reminder before the account becomes negative. A sealed envelope marked “Confidential parent/GuardianOnly” will be given to students who have reached or exceeded 5 lunch charges ($13.25). This will be in 

addition to communication with the parent. (Act 39 of 2018).  

Step 2: When a negative balance reaches $25.00 or more and remains unpaid, a letter will bemailed home.  

Step 3: When a negative balance reaches $50.00 or more, the Food Service Clerk will make a  personal phone call home to notify/follow up with the parent/guardian concerning the negative  account balance. 

Step 4: When a negative balance reaches $75.00 or more, a certified letter will be sent home  via US Postal Service indicating options for payment plans, a Free and Reduced Meal  Application and the possibility of seeking collection of balance through magistrate involvement. 

Step 5: When a negative balance reaches $100.00 or more, parents/guardians may be  contacted by the guidance department and or building principal to set up a parent/guardian  conference and /or magistrate involvement. 

Charge Procedures.  

Any student who requests a meal will not be denied a breakfast or main lunch option and will be  permitted to charge 1 reimbursable breakfast and 1 reimbursable lunch meal per day, however,  the negative balance will then follow the Negative balance Procedure listed above. Student’s  meals will be denied only when written notification from the parents has been received.  

Once a negative balance is reached, students are not permitted to charge a la carte purchases  (2nd meals, snacks, ice cream). 

When a la carte restrictions are in place from a parent/guardian, those items will be removed  from the student’s tray at the point of service.  

When all required components of a breakfast or lunch are not taken to make the meal  reimbursable, the cashier will ask the student if he/she would like additional items to make the  meal reimbursable, if the student refuses, each item on the student’s tray will be charged a la  carte price. (Every effort will be made to teach and help students understand what meal  components must be chosen to make a reimbursable meal to prevent charging ala carte price) 

If a student has a medical condition that limits certain meal components for lunch or breakfast,  the appropriate Pennsylvania Department of Education form must be completed and on file.  Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service form can be obtained on our website or by calling  Mr. Sweeney, Food Service Director.  

Payment Plan 

If a payment plan is requested by the parent/guardian, the Food Service Department will make  every effort to accommodate their request, however the balance must be paid in full by June  30th or the balance will be considered bad debt and could be turned over to the magistrate at  the discretion of the district. 

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