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Food Services

Dear KCASD Families:

On behalf of the Food Service Department of Karns City Area School District, I would like to welcome your child/children to the 2023-2024 school year. To help you prepare your child for the school year I would like to review some of our procedures. 

We strive to provide a fun, tasty, and safe school year!

  1. For the entirety of the 2023-2024 school year, breakfast is free to all students in the District. Effective December 1, 2023, regular lunches will be free to all students in the District. Please note that this only applies to the regular breakfast or lunch served.  Refer to the Community Eligibility link below for more information.

  2. The cafeteria uses a computerized POS (Point Of Sale) system. All students are assigned a Personalized Identification Number (PIN) from the district. This PIN is used to identify your child and monitor their purchases. Kindergartners will be supplied a student ID card, with a scannable barcode in order to streamline this process.
  3. Although regular meals are served at no charge, funds will still need to be deposited into your child's account for a la carte items, seconds and additional purchases. You are encouraged to use to make payments as well as apply for Free and/or Reduced Lunch Benefits. This website enables you to see your child's purchase history and add funds to his/her account; you will also receive email alerts when funds are getting low. The service is free, with the exception of a small fee that is incurred when money is deposited via the website. 
  4. Cashiers will accept checks and cashiers checks at either breakfast or lunch to be deposited into the child's account by the next business day. Either form of payment will need to have the student's PIN in the memo section in order for the business department to deposit the funds in the proper account.
  5. Monthly breakfast/lunch menus are available for viewing on the district's website,, as well as the KCASD app. Paper copies of the menu will be available in the cafeteria.
  6. To receive the school lunch price, and avoid being charged per item, a lunch must include at least 3 of the following (1 MUST be a fruit or vegetable).
    • Fruit 
    • Vegetable 
    • Dairy 
    • Meat or Meat Alternate 
    • Grain 
  7. Students with special dietary needs that require a meal substitution, including milk, must have a special dietary-needs form filled out by their physician. The forms are available with your school’s nurse. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. 

Don Ras
(724)-756-2030 Ext. 1015

Community Eligibility Program