Friday, January 17 - Welcome to Day 91!   Students continued working in chapter 7.  Students determined the texture of two different soils by using the ribbon test. page 195.  Next, students reviewed vocabulary from sections 7-1 and 7-2 by completing a vocabulary puzzle on the back of the texture worksheet.   Extra class time was used to finish coloring the biome world worksheet.  All papers were submitted.  If students did not finish coloring, students are to finish for homework. 

    Monday, January 20 - Inservice Day for Teachers

    Tuesday, January 21 - Fact 3.  Students finished completing the back of notebook page 1; soil profile comparison of two biomes.  As each horizon was discussed, we brainstormed what type of edible food could be used to represent each layer/object.  Planning ahead:  Monday, January 26, I am planning to have an edible soil horizon activity.  I plan to supply the pudding to represent soil while I asked students to bring in other items to represent other layers.  If your student has an allergy to any item, please encourage him/her not to eat what he/she should not have and are welcome to bring their own snack.     Additionally today, we started reading pages 196-197.  HW: students are to finish reading section 7-3.    I am also planning for a chapter 7 test Friday.  This should only be between 20-30 points.

    Wednesday, January 22 - Fact 4.  Students took a 5 point reading quiz from last night on seciton 7-3. These were graded in class.  Next, students differentiated between porosity and permeability of soils by using a sponge as a model.  Then videos of The Dust Bowl, Farm Basics #684 and a Soil Erosion video was shown.  All papers were returned to the students during the videos.  Reminder:  ch. 7 test on Friday  (ignore pH)

    Thursday, January 23 - Fact 5.  We discussed the Cliffs of Dover (England) as found in chapter 7.  Students received the midterm review packet.  The midterm will consist of 50 multiple choice questions.  The students received approximately 14 questions from each of the seven chapter.  The students have the answers to all the questions.  I will choose approximately 7 questions from each chapter to place on the test.  This test will be combined with the end of the year test to make up the Final Exam Test Grade.    In an effort to help students study, their assignment is to write out six question & answers from EACH chapter.  This will be due on Tuesday, January 28.  The Midterm Exam will be given on Wednesday, January 29.  Students worked on the assignment in class.   Reminder: Ch 7 test tomorrow - open book/open note.

    Friday, January 24 - Fact 6.  Students took the chapter 7 test - weathering... After the test, students were to work on the midterm review packet due on Tuesday.  Midterm is Wednesday.  Have a great weekend!  Reminder: Edible Soil Profile on Monday... Bring a topping.

    Monday, January 27 - Fact 7.  Students make an edible soil sample and continued to work on their midterm review packet.   Thank you greatly for all those who brought in items for the soil samples!   For tomorrow: 42 questions should be written; 6 from each chapter.  Midterm = Wednesday - 50 multiple choice questions.   

    Tuesday, January 28 - Fact 8.  Students submitted their midterm review packet questions that were checked for completion and returned.  Students then received a list of the study islands and the due dates to complete for the nine weeks.  Please see the attachment below.   Tomorrow is the midterm exam.  I will take approximately 7 questions per chapter plus 1.  Students need to study all the questions on the packet because they do not know which specific questions are placed on their exam.  There are mulitple exams.   The midterm is 50 multiple choice questions.

    Study Islands - 3rd 9 Weeks

    Wednesday, January 29 - Fact 9.  Students took the midterm exam.  After the exam, they were to read section 8-1 pages 210-214 in their book.

    Thursday, January 30 - Fact 10. Students took a quiz on their reading from last night.  Next, we discussed the different forms of mass wasting via pictures and completed vocabulary for notebook page 2.  Students were to cut/paste pictures of each type of mass movement in class.   Reminder:  Study Islands  b,c --- Elements, Compounds   &  Chemical reactions due tomorrow.

    Friday, January 31 - Fact 11.  Students watched two videos:  Mudslide and Rock Slide to show erosion and some consequences to erosional processes.  Next, we discusssed glaciers via powerpoint and labeled a Valley glacier together in class.  We watched "What is a Glacier" by Monkeysee and a short Nova Clip of a Continental Glacier.  HW:  Read Section 8-2 Glaciers.

    Monday, February 3 - Fact 12.  Students took a reading quiz on section 8-2, glaciers.  After the quiz, they watched two short video clips about going down into a glacier.  Next, students worked on glacier vocabulary.  Answers were provided at the end of class.     HW:  Study Islands - Energy Resources & Forms of Energy are due February 12. 

    Tuesday, February 4 - Fact 13.  A powerpoint was shown discussing the highlights of section 8-3, Wind erosion.  Next, students completed the data table of the lab called "Blowing in the The Wind."  where we compared the effects of soil moisture and wind speed on two different types of sand and determined the amount of wind erosion.  

    Wednesday, February 5 - Fact 14.  Students completed the headings and the answers to the analysis/conclusion to Blowing in the Wind Lab found on page 228 and submitted.  Next, students cut/paste pictures of vocabulary words found in section 8-3 on Wind Erosion.  Class time was provided to complete the fill in vocabulary for section 8-3.  Additionally, the ch. 8 vocabulary matching was on the back that was also assigned to complete.   HW: finish any class work not done   (If students do not have the front side completed, they were either too chatty, didn't bring their book to class, or just off-task.)

    Thursday, February 6 - Fact 15.  Students corrected answers from last nights homework called Wind Erosion.  Papers were collected.  Next, students analyzed pictures of erosion and had to determine what happened from the picture.  Students placed their guesses in pencil and the correct answer when it was provided was written in pen.  Homework is to answer 4 of the 6 questions on the back of the worksheet.   Quest (bigger than a quiz/smaller than a test) is Monday for chapter 8.

    Key Points - Chapter 8 - Erosional Forces

    Friday, February 7 -  Snow Day - Cancellation of School

    Monday, February 10 - Fact 16.  Homework was discussed and collected at the beginning of class.  Next, students diagramed the water cycle on notebook page 3.  Students watched the Anatomy of a Raindrop and the Water cycle via NASA Goddard.  Reminder:  chapter 8 test tomorrow; study islands due Friday

    Tuesday, February 11 - Fact 17.  Students took the chapter 8 quest/test.  Afterward, Water on Earth was discussed.  Comparisons were made between fresh water and salt water.  Additionally, the Cheseapeake bay watershed was discussed.  HW: complete back of Fresh/Salt Water wksht...     Hint:  5 Great Lakes:  Lake Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, Ontario      Drainage Basin = Watershed

    Wednesday, February 12 - Fact 18.  Homework for fresh/salt water was checked for completion and discussed.  Next, a powerpoint was used to discuss seciton 9-1; surface water.  All students that were absent should read section 9-1.  The lab sedimentator was started. 

    Thursday, February 13 - Fact 19.  Students reviewed Surface water and completed the front side of a worksheet identifying characteristics of old/young/mature streams.  The reverse side of the worksheet is for homework- vocabulary 9-1.   Next, students completed two labs.  Students observed the action of groundwater on sediments of sand, gravel, and clay.  Students also looked at sediments in a river in a lab called Sedimentator and answered questions regarding the movement of these sediments. HW: 9-1 vocabulary

    Friday, February 14 - Fact 20.  Students vocabulary homework 9-1 was checked for completion and gone over.  Next, students completed Groundwater think questions together discussing how groundwater can get out of the ground.  Students cut/paste pictures of vocabulary words used in discussing groundwater and started reading section 9-2 filling in vocabulary from their reading.  HW: finish worksheet 9-2 reading worksheet if not completed in class today.     Happy Valentine's Day!

    Monday, February 17 - Happy President's Day!  Fact 21.   Homework from section 9-2 reading vocabulary was checked and discussed together.  Next, section 9-3 on ocean shorelines were talked about and students color coded features found near the ocean. Students' differentiated between sandy and rocky shorelines.  Students also watched a short video clip regarding the 2017 Shelly Island.  HW: Study Islands:  Energy Transformations and Heat Energy due Feb. 26 - Do not procrastinate!    FYI:  Ch. 9 Quest - Thursday

    Tuesday, February 18 - Fact 22.  Students reviewed shoreline features by trying to create them in the sand.  Next, students diagrammed the horizontal zones of the ocean (chapter 19) - notebook page 4.  HW: back of shoreline features - chapter 9 vocabulary true/false.. if false make true.

    Wednesday, February 19 - Fact 23.  Chapter 9 Review Vocabulary was checked for completion and answers provided.  Students then visited the Great Barrier Reef and then taken down into the depths of the ocean.  Students examined characteristics of these depths.  Next, students finished diagramming, cutting, and pasting notebook page 4 - vertical oceanic zones.   Students also picked up chapter 9 key points to use for their quest (bigger than a quiz, smaller than a test) for tomorrow.  (Oceanic zones are not on the test.)  HW: study

    Thursday, February 20 - Fact 24.  Students took the chapter 9 quest.  After the quest, students hand copied a picture and characteristics of one of five organisms provided on an information sheet.  HW:  finish drawing organisms and characteristics  -- use activity period or study hall if necessary or see me for a copy if you did not finish the assignment